July 6 & Aug 3 – The Films of George Kuchar at the Silent Movie Theatre

Filmforum co-presents two screenings with Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre on July 6 & August 3.

7/6 @ 8pm
George Kuchar in N.Y.C.
8/3 @ 8pm
George Kuchar in S.F.
“George and Mike Kuchar’s films were my first inspiration.”—John Waters

Starting at the age of twelve on their parents’ Bronx rooftop, George Kuchar and his twin brother Mike created a series of absurd, homemade epics that became underground film classics, probably to the brothers’ own surprise. Made with their cast of misfits, drag queens, and overweight women–in other words, stars!–the Kuchar brothers employed an original lo-fi aesthetic that joyfully transformed every flaw into a charming detail, and wallowed cheerfully in their own cheapness. George’s love of trash, camp, and melodrama, infect every second of his crazed, unique films. Aside from John Waters, his influence can still be felt in filmmakers from Guy Maddin to David Lynch. The prolific nature of George’s output made it hard for us to keep our program down to two nights, but this is the best we could do. Enjoy.

Part 1: The NYC Years. Made during the heyday of the New York Underground, these are the films that almost defined the term. And
they’re funny as hell. Films include: Hold Me While I’m Naked (1966), Leisure (1966), Mosholu Holiday (1966), Color Me Shameless (1967), Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (1967), Knocturne (1968), and House of the White People (1968).
Dir. George Kuchar, 1966-68, various formats, 107 min.

Part 2: The SF Years. After George lost his job doing commercial art work, he accepted a position as an associate professor at the San
Fransisco Art Insititute. Now on the West Coast, he not only continued his own personal output, but began making films with his students, films that range from the insane to the mildly pornographic, and often both. And they’re funny as hell. Films include: I, An Actress (1977), Wild Night In El Rio (1977), Prescription In Blue (1978), The Woman And The Dress (1980), Yolanda (1981), Cattle Mutilations (1983), and Insanatorium (1987).
Dir. George Kuchar, 1977-87, various formats, 125 min.
Tickets – $13/$9 for members

For more details and to buy tickets visit http://www.silentmovietheatre.com/calendar/events.html


3 responses to “July 6 & Aug 3 – The Films of George Kuchar at the Silent Movie Theatre

  1. Kuchar’s films are maybe crazy but they are very interesting and keep watchers in their chairs.

  2. George Kuchar’s films are unbelievable!

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