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September 26 – Hallucinogenic California: The Alternate Worlds of Craig Baldwin and Damon Packard


Friday September 26, 2008, 8:30 pm

At the REDCAT Theater in downtown LA

Film at REDCAT presents, in collaboration with Los Angeles Filmforum
Hallucinogenic California: The Alternate Worlds of Craig Baldwin and Damon Packard
Craig Baldwin and Damon Packard in person!

Jack H. Skirball Series
Admission: $9 (students $7)

Two of California’s most notorious underground filmmakers unleash a pair of deliriously subversive visions of Los Angeles culture—past and present—as poverty-row sci-fi thrillers.

Bricolage wizard Craig Baldwin, of Tribulation 99 (1991) fame, takes his culture-jamming to a new orbit with Mock Up On Mu.  The film (showcased in the New York and Vancouver film festivals) is a frenzied collage narrative following the far-flung exploits of L. Ron Hubbard, master of the Empire of Mu (aka the moon) in the year 2019, as he schemes with and against Marjorie Cameron, Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley to make havoc on the terrestrial homeland. Baldwin’s twisting plot uses B-movies, self-help infomercials, pulp serials, aerospace promo films and otherworldly footage shot by Baldwin to spin an allegorical yarn of subterranean cults, government secrecy, and the co-opting of utopian visions by the military.

Mock Up on Mu is preceded by Damon Packard’s SpaceDisco One (2007, 42 min). The director, writer and star of the paranoid freakout Reflections of Evil (2002), Packard (who also plays L. Ron Hubbard in Baldwin’s film) gives a frightening and hilarious depiction of Los Angeles as an Orwellian land of split realities: placid suburban routines under invisible but inextricable mind control.