October 5 – Stop & Go, an evening of Stop Motion animation curated by Sarah Klein

Sunday October 5, 2008, 7:00 pm

At the Echo Park Film Center
1200 Alvarado Street (at Sunset, northeast corner)

Los Angeles Filmforum presents
Stop & Go, an evening of Stop Motion animation curated by Sarah Klein
With Sarah Klein in person!

Get caught up in the latest in stop motion animation with a various of toys, clays, cut-outs, natural artifacts, drawings, paintings, back drops, animals, humans, and places!

“Established filmmakers and visual artists use stop-motion techniques to tell stories, examine visual phenomena, and make political statements in this collection of short videos. The animators breathe life into magazine cutouts, homemade drawings, everyday objects, and even the body itself. The result is a selection of videos that are humorous, poignant, and marvelous.” ~ Sarah Klein, Curator

The Stop & Go program features twenty-two pieces from artists across the country (San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Miami, and Vermont) and around the world (Croatia, Brittan, and Japan). Featured artists in the program include Ignacio Alcantara, Tommy Becker, Lilli Carré, Pete Davies, Samara Halperin, Meredith Holch, Sean Horchy, Stephanie Hutin, Andrew Kelleher, Lana Kim, Sarah Klein, Mike Leavitt, Michael McHam, Laurie O’Brian, Saelee Oh, Mel Prest, Clare Rojas, Judith Selby, SAF Cakovec Studio, Jen Stark, Melinda Stone, Claudia Tennyson, Aeneas Wilder, Sherri Wood, and Andrew Jeffery Wright.

“Oakland-based video artist, illustrator, and animator Sarah Klein brings it all back home with this evening of stop-motion shorts created and produced by an international group of artists and filmmakers, each of whom mold the medium to their individual stories and ideas. Micro-narratives, political commentary, and visual observations all transform via the old-fashioned, time-consuming, stop-and-go treatment.” ~ Connie Hwong, Flavorpill

“Nowadays, young filmmakers use software like Stop Motion Pro and MonkeyJam to simulate the organic, roughshod techniques of Harry Hausen, Will Vinton, or Art Clokey, but stop-motion is still not for clockwatchers. It’s for those who can lose themselves in the wrinkle of an eyelid or the shift of a pencil mark, the type of person who might see beauty in the slow rise of naturally leavened bread. No surprise, then, that the curator of the “Stop & Go” animation exhibition is local ‘bread artist’ Sarah Klein.” ~Silke Tudor, SF Weekly

Entire Program = 1hour, 20 minutes

Tonight’s films include:

Camoknit (2008, 18 min) by Claudia Tennyson
This darkly humorous view of knitting unravels the obsessive qualities and enormous popularity of the craft, which seems to coincide with the climate of fear generated by the ‘war on terror.’

[left] For the Birds (2004, 5:50 min) by Lilli Carré.
A high-wire act of sleepy time bears, black birds, and senior folk.

Tumbleweed Town (1999, 16mm, 8 min) by Samara Halperin. Music by Corner Tour. Find true love with Todd the Tonka cowboy on his hitchhiking adventures through the Texas desert.


Mammoth Cave (2005, 2:28 min) by Stephanie Hutin.
A fantasy of toys, glitter, paper pieces and natural objects illustrate the music of Holopaw.

[right] Squeak, Chirp, Honk (2006, 1 min) by Saelee Oh & Lana Kim.
A friendly look at one of life’s little troubles from a mouse’s perspective.

The Courtship of the Birdman
(2006, 1:34 min) by Pete Davies.
Sound by Andrew Lynn & Angie Moore.
A timeless tale of love and loss re-told in a saga of epic proportion.
Sewing for Jesus (2005, 2:20 min) by Sherri Wood & Ignacio Alcantara.
The construction of a quilt honoring the missing American and Iraqi citizens who died in the Iraq War.

Howdy Hats (1968, 0:30 min) by Judith Selby.
A meet and greet of chapeau on the green.

Picture Perfect (2006, 7:46 min) by Meredith Holch.
Old postcards and Vermont Life magazines are used to examine the rapidly changing character of life and landscape in rural Northern Vermont.

Poop or Fleur (2003, 1:28 min) by Melinda Stone.
A series of still photographs shot in order and contact printed onto 35 mm film become a guessing game of sorts. Audience participation is requested to help identify what is what.

Dog Judo – Noise Box (2007, 1:15 min) by Andrew Kelleher.
Rexley and Roy, two everyday dogs, both live for judo but have very different ideas on what it is.

[left] Papermation (2007, 1 min) by Jen Stark. Sound by Eddie Alonso.
A stop-motion piece of regurgitating rainbows and mysterious organic structures using intricate paper-cutouts.


Black Cat (2006, 2:28 min) by SAF Cakovec Studio.
A darkly funny animation of some characters and their mishaps.

American Bandits (2004, 2:25 min) by Philippe Vendrolini.
A wild ride where altered and animated police risk life-and-limb in pursuit of manic deer.

Pulling Down the Sky to Give You the Sun (2005, 1:45 min) by Tommy Becker.
A celestial piece that combines raw performance, music, and costume.

The Making of the Kozik Action Figure (2006, 1:28 min) by Mike Leavitt.
Another action figure in Mike’s ever-expanding Art Army.

Alarm Clock (2004, 2:15 min) by Sean Horchy.
Time makes it’s own music.

Untitled #90 (2002, 1:27 min) by Aeneas Wilder.
Using only red tape and four architectural posts, Aeneas Wilder creates an inspired series of configurations based on addition and subtraction.

Arithmetic (2006, 4:47 min) by Laurie O’Brien. Sound by Michael McHam.
An adaptation of In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan with puppetry, paper cutout animation, found sound, and homemade instruments.

Wanderlust (2008, 5:10 min) by Sarah Klein.
Daily routine motivates the modern day woman to take a trip around the world.

Ich Bin Ein Manipulator (2003, 4:30 min) by Clare Rojas & Andrew Jeffrey Wright.
Altered, collaged and manipulated images from fashion magazines create an entirely different story.

Immigrant Song (2008, 2:25 min) by Mel Prest.
This sequence chronicles the creation of a painting from spelled-out lyrics.

On Sarah Klein:

Sarah Klein uses hand-drawn animation to create humorous and often dark narratives on domestic life and related themes. Klein has widely presented her work both nationally and internationally in a variety of settings including exhibitions, performance, and screenings.

Recent shows include the Mobile Archive world tour, Israel, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia; Eye AM, New York City; Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas, Texas; Mill Valley Film Festival, Sausalito, California and the Exploratorium, San Francisco, California among others.

Stop & Go was her first curatorial project, which premiered at the Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco, and was followed closely by the food-themed exhibition Taste, which was curated for Root Division in San Francisco.

Another on-going curatorial research project is The Dough Show, which features artists who use bread as a medium or inspiration in their work.


3 responses to “October 5 – Stop & Go, an evening of Stop Motion animation curated by Sarah Klein

  1. i am looking for a marvelous short of the year 1947 about toys animated fighting a nazi soldier
    in a toys shop i think in prague during the second war.
    I bought the 8 millimeters version but with the French title : LA REVOLTE DES JOUJOUX.
    Thanks a lot for help !

    • Hello,

      I don’t know if you are still interested by the roll of “La révolte des joujoux” but just for your information, I come into possession of this roll in 8 millimeters.
      I live in France, I don’t know where you are but I can sell you this film if you want. The price will depend of the sending costs. Let me know if you are still interested. Regards

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