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November 2: Craig Baldwin – Culture Jammer at the Silent Movie Theater


Sunday November 2, 2008, 8:00pm

At the Silent Movie Theater
611 N. Fairfax Ave. just south of Melrose
Park across the street (free) at Fairfax High School

Los Angeles Filmforum, in conjunction with Cinefamily, presents
Craig Baldwin: Culture Jammer
Craig Baldwin in person!
Tickets for this special event are $12, Filmforum members will be admitted for $8


In the age of YouTube remixes and phantom edits, everyone with access to a computer (i.e. everyone) is blithely challenging the notion of copyright, one mash-up at a time. But before there was safety in numbers, there were Culture Jammers: artists pushing legal limits with their puckish reworkings of mass media in order to critique it.

Inspired by the works of Bruce Conner and the French Situationist movement, filmmaker Craig Baldwin emerged as one of the primary figures in this movement, collaging mountains of found footage into provocative and viciously entertaining filmic essays, alternate world histories, and narratives. Baldwin will appear in-person to discuss the theories and history of culture jamming, using favorite clips from other jammers and selected cuts from his filmography: some of his early intense montages, music videos made for inspired cage-rattlers Negativland, and the feature-length essay Sonic Outlaws, which profiles the infamous lawsuit aimed at Negativland by lawyers for the rock group U2, as well as other culture jammers like “plunderphonics” pioneer John Oswald and the performance group Emergency Broadcast Network.

To buy tickets in advance, visit the Cinefamily website.