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November 23: Coleen Fitzgibbon: Internal Systems


Sunday November 23, 2008, 7:00 pm

At the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

Los Angeles Filmforum presents
Coleen Fitzgibbon: Internal Systems
Coleen Fitzgibbon in attendance!

Curated by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder (also in attendance)

“It seemed interesting to make a film that was concerned with no more than its own theory and mechanics as content of the film. Simultaneously, I was interested in logical structures, what the mechanics of logic were. In a recording system could it record its own process, expose its mechanics. A problem like trying to see the back of ones own head.” – C.F.

Between 1973 and 1976 Coleen Fitzgibbon made some of the most rigorous abstract films to date. This program revisits some of these early works from an artist who is perhaps best known as one of the co-founders of the alternative arts collective Colab.

Films to be screened:

Found Film Flashes
(1973, 16mm, black/white, 3 min) [above left] A collage of recurring speech fragments,
which provide a patchy voice-over “commentary” which skids across a sampling of found film.

FM/TRCS (1974, 16mm, 11 min) [right] “A study of image destruction and its subsequent effect on recognition and suggestion of new images … By using film’s own process of increasing contrast in copying the image passes beyond recognition… Disintegration is one method of examining established structures similar to painters and sculptors.” — Coleen Fitzgibbon

Internal Systems (1975, 16mm, 45 min) A minimalist film in which the viewer is presented with nothing but a blank monochromatic frame slowly shifting through various intensities of color saturation, flickering/shuttering repeatedly from light-to-dark (and back again).

Restoring appearances to order in 12 minutes (1975, 16mm, 10 min) [left] The filmmaker performs her solitary act of cleaning. A static camera tightly frames the studio sink dirty with paint and other residue while the artist engages in a concerted ritual of scrubbing and scrapping. … a treatise on the over-cleanliness of certain reductivist gestures in the history of art making.

Coleen Fitzgibbon was active as an experimental film artist under the pseudonym “Colen Fitzgibbon” between the years 1973-1980. A student of Owen Land (aka “George Landow”), Stan Brakhage, and Michael Snow, Fitzgibbon screened her work at numerous international film festivals and museums, including EXPRMNTL 5 at Knokke-Heist in Belgium, Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Anthology Film Archives, Collective For Living Cinema, and Millennium Film Workshop in New York. More recently: International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Royal Film Archive of Belgium (Brussels), Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley), and Light Industry in Brooklyn, NY.

Coleen Fitzgibbon: Internal Systems is programmed by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder.

Please note that Gibson & Recoder will be screening their own work at REDCAT on Monday November 24:
November 24, 2008

Jack H. Skirball Screening Series
Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder: Film Projection Performances

“[Gibson and Recoder’s] performances melt the projector’s machine materialism into ethereal experiences.” Ed Halter, Live Cinema: A Contemporary Reader

New York artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder present their sublime and meditative double 16mm projection performance, Untitled, recently featured at Anthology Film Archives in New York. The duo’s work exploits the physical qualities of the medium in creating profoundly moving aesthetic and philosophical experiences. “The planular drift of the projected frame alters its course, bending here, defracting there–keystoning its way through the darkness of a cinematic abyss,” as the artists have put it. They have exhibited at the Whitney Museum, P.S. 1, MoMA and The Kitchen in New York; the ICA and the Barbican in London; the Viennale; Kunst-Werke in Berlin; the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels; La Casa Encendida in Madrid; and Image Forum in Tokyo.

In person: Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder