First, here is a BIG PDF file with a list of all Filmforum shows from January 1976 to December 2007, but with some gaps. For example, we don’t have any from 1977 and 1978 yet. But the vast majority of the shows are here, with titles screened, filmmakers, guests, and notes. We’ll replace it as we update it.

List of all Filmforum shows

Here are links to calendars from previous seasons, from the previous version of our website:

Index of most former calendars from the former site

Individual seasons:

Spring 2007 (January – April)
Fall 2006 (September – December)
Spring 2006 (April – June)
Winter 2006 (January – March)
Fall 2005 (August – December)
Spring 2005 (February – June)
Fall 2004 (September – December)
Spring 2004 (February – May)
Fall 2003 (November – December)
Spring 2003 (February – May)
Fall 2002 (September – December)
Spring 2002 (April – June)
Fall 2001 (October – December)
Spring 2000 (April – June)
Fall 2000 (September – December)

Some of these shows included high-profile artists whose films are well-covered in the sphere of academia, or on the web. But others are more “ephemeral” films, the knowledge of which has passed out of the public sphere entirely. Part of Filmforum’s mission is to encourage scholars to seek out and revisit some of these artists. If you would like to perform further research on any of the films we have shown in previous seasons, we highly encourage this. Please contact us for more information on how to access our program archives at USC’s Doheny Library.
We’re also scanning copies of past calendars. Here’s one from Filmforum, Oct-Dec 1980, courtesy of Daniel Singelenberg.

Filmforum Oct-Dec 1980, bottom half

And here are more old calendars. Click on the links to open the PDFs. More to come. We’re looking for calendars from the 1970s, late 1983, and 1984.

1976 January-April – Filmforum’s first calendar!

1983 July-Aug – El Ojo Apasionado series

1984 or 1985 April-June

1987 January-March

1988 October-December

1989 January-March

1989 April-June

1989 October-December

1990 April-June

1990 September-December

1991 January-March

1991 April-June

1993 May-June including Cinema Warholia

1996 September-December – first season at LACE in Hollywood

1997 February-April

1998 February-March

1998 April-June

1998 September-December

1999 January-March

1999 September-December

2001 February-April


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  1. I’d like to see the show on June 1st–what is the address???I live in NYC

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