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November 15: Gregg Biermann’s Material Excess


8:00PM at Echo Park Film Center
1200 Alvarado Street (at Sunset, northeast corner)
Los Angeles CA 90026

Material Excess (2002-03, DVD, color, sound, 73 min)
Gregg Biermann in person!

Material Excess is a large-scale animated movie, which borrows its structure from Dante’s The Diving Comedy. The animation is for the most part created in a digital process related to the hand-made film tradition. In a photo-editing program, scans of various objects are placed on a digital image strip without regard for individual frames. These images are translated into video sequences and the result is an exploding jumble of images. By its very nature, the animation cannot directly illustrate the various bits of narration that appear in the soundtrack. The two things simply happen simultaneously. Full program description here


Harry Smith’s Mahoganny November 4, 2007

On Sunday November 4th, Filmforum is proud to present Harry Smith’s Film #18, Mahagonny (1970-80, 2 hours, 21 minutes).

This program kicks off screenings of Harry Smith’s films all over the city: “Heaven and Earth Magic” at the LA County Museum of Art, Saturday Nov. 10, 7:30 pm and Alchemical Dreams: The Short Films of Harry Smith at REDCAT, November 26, 2007, 8:00 pm .

This video is not from Mahoganny, but it is a sample of early work by Harry Smith: